Advertising Items

Advertising Items Submission Form

Customer permits TAC to take photographs of each item(s) necessary for authenticating the item.  All such photographs shall remain the property of TAC. Customer authorizes and permits TAC to place photographs of Customer’s item on TAC’s website in the manner and in such times as TAC in its sole discretion desires.

For any item deemed by TAC to be authentic, Customer authorizes and permits TAC to affix a tamper-proof sticker or tag on the item to reflect TAC’s authentication of the item.  Each tag shall be placed by TAC on the item at such position and location as TAC in its sole discretion shall determine.

After the inspection and tagging of an advertising item, should TAC learn of information that it did not reasonably have available to it at the time of inspection, TAC reserves the right to modify or rescind any statement of authentication or rating of the item previously given by TAC.  Should TAC determine from this new information that the item is not authentic, TAC reserves the right to refund its fee to the Customer and Customer authorizes and permits TAC to then remove any previously affixed TAC sticker or tag from the item.

Should Customer remove or reuse a TAC Hologram affixed by TAC to Customer’s license plate, Customer shall have been deemed to have voided TAC’s authentication of Customer’s item and shall have been deemed to have voided any Idea of Value given by TAC for Customer’s item, and TAC shall have no further responsibilities or liabilities to Customer for any reason whatsoever.   If Customer wants its item to receive a new sticker or a new tag, Customer must pay TAC to affix a new hologram at the current market rate.

TAC shall inform Customer if TAC determines that in TAC’s opinion, Customer’s advertising itemis not authentic.  It shall be Customer’s sole responsibility to communicate with whatever person or entity from which Customer acquired the non-authentic license plate.  TAC shall have no responsibility to take any actions beyond informing Customer of TAC’s opinion that a advertising item is not authentic.

Please send all advertising items to:

TAC C/O Joey Whiteside
81 Thermal Hill Lane
Tryon NC 28782